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DEBKA Newsletter, January 8, 2016. Ver traducción al final
LA INFORMACIÓN QUE NO LLEGA DESDE ISRAEL, EN ESTE MEDIO VIENE EN INGLES, Y buendianoticia.com con sus medios trata de traducir el material, pero no efectúa los cambios acordes a nuestra forma de expresión para no quitar la entidad propia de la información.
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March 7, 2014

A Digest of DEBKAfile Exclusives in Week Ending May 2, 2014


Rockets from Gaza in Western Negev
Five rockets fired from the Gaza Strip Friday night in the Western Negev locations of Sderot, Gevim, the Saphir College and Nir Am. Two exploded on open ground; three on the Gaza side of the border. The Israeli air force struck four Hamas military targets the next day.

Two dead, 8 injured in Tel Aviv shooting attack
DEBKAfile Special Report
At least 10 casualties, including two dead and four others in serious condition from a serious shooting attack on Dizengoff St, one of the main Tel Aviv thoroughfares Friday afternoon. Large police forces are hunting the gunman who sprayed automatic fire on people on the street and vanished, dropping as he ran a backpack containing a Koran. The two men murdered by a gunman on Dizengoff St in Tel Aviv Friday have been named as Alon Bekel, 26, from Tel Aviv, and Shimon Ro’imi from Ofakim. 
An Israeli Arab from the Wadi Ara town of Arara called in after seeing CCTV clip broadcast to identity as his son as the gunman, who is still at large. The clip showed the shooter, bespectacled and clad in black, calmly buying nuts at a health shop before walking out, and calming shooting his submachine gun at passersby. 
DEBKAfile: The modus operandi of gunman who murdered 2 Israelis Friday is not typical of Palestinian terrorists, more like methods used in recent ISIS massacres in Paris. No organization claimed the attack, but there are two pointers under consideration: The ISIS leader posted a Twitter message a day earlier saying: Tomorrow there will be an attack on Dizengoff Stl” and the next day, Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah warned that revenge against Israel for the assassination of its super terrorist Samir Quntar was coming.

Dizengoff shooter named by police
Amid a massive manhunt, the Tel Aviv police have named the gunman responsible for the Dizengoff shooting Friday as Nashat Melhem, 29, from the Israeli Arab village of Ar’ara. They also identified the taxi driver found murdered in North Tel Aviv an hour after the shooting as Amin Shaaban, an Israeli Arab, aged 42. A court gag order was issued for both crimes, suggesting a link. The public was help in the search for the missing killer. Police raided his home, impounded his computer and documents and detained his brother.
Mid East Shiites enraged by Saudi execution of Sheikh Nimr
Tehran has warned that the execution of the prominent Saudi Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr would “cost Saudi Arabia dearly.” He was put to death with 47 others on New Year’s Day, accused of involvement in a series of Al Qaeda attacks from 2003-2006 as well as Shiite protesters.
Comprehensive UK government advisory for travel in Israel
British citizens should be vigilant and obey security forces, especially when using public transport, the new British government advisory warns Saturday. Vigilance is also advised while driving along Route 443 (between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), and Route 60 north of Jerusalem, to avoid stones and Molotov cocktails.
Islamist terrorists use Donald Trump clip on recruiting video
The Somali al Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab uses Donald Trump’s call for a temporary shutdown on Muslim entry to the US as a sound bite in an hour-long recruitment video.
Has the Tel Aviv gunman fled to ISIS in Syria?
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis
In advance of his deadly attack on Dizengoff St, the gunman evidently planned his escape with help - either by getaway car to a safe hideout or by sea. There is more than one sign that Nashat Melhem’s murder spree was planned with accomplices and that they or Melhem murdered the cab driver to cover their escape – possibly to the Palestinian territories by a car parked near the hotel, or even by sea aboard a boat waiting near the nearby beach. Those signs also indicate that Israeli security services had taken note of Melhem’s checkered background and should have had him on their watch list. Similarly, French counterterrorism agencies had at least two mass terrorist murderers on their watch list but heir hands were tied for bringing them in before they struck.

Saudi Arabia breaks off diplomatic ties with Iran
Following Iran’s angry abuse over the execution Saturday of the prominent Saudi Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, the Saudi foreign minister has announced Riyadh has severed relations with Tehran and given its diplomats 48 hours to leave. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Sunday that the Saudis faced “divine revenge.” Saudi diplomats quit Tehran Saturday after a mob torched and ransacked their embassy.
New Egyptian ambassador takes up post, vacant for three years
New Egyptian ambassador Hazem Khairat takes up the Tel Aviv post that was vacant for three years since the last envoy was withdrawn in protest over Israel's anti-terror operation in the Gaza Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu called this another sign of the warming ties between Israel and Egypt.
ISIS executes 'British spies', threatens invasion of UK
In a new video message Sunday, ISIS showed five people it claimed were British spies being shot dead. An ISIS fighter, speaking English with a London accent, derided British Prime Minister David Cameron over Britain's involvement in the war against ISIS, adding, “One day we shall invade your land, when you will be ruled by Sharia."
Hizballah leader repeats threat to avenge Samir Quntar's assassination
Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech on Sunday that "the power of Samir Quntar's blood is still forcing the soldiers and the officers of the enemy to hide in tunnels along the entire length of the border. They're waiting and we're waiting. They're scared." 
Israeli motorist injured in shooting attack on Hebron road
In the third terrorist attack Sunday, an Israeli motorist was shot from another vehicle driving in Mt. Hebron on on Rt. 60. Another Israeli man was stabbed and injured in Jerusalem on Barzilai St. in the Armon Hanatziv district. The Palestinian knifeman got away.
At the Cave of the Patriarchs in the town of Hebron, an Israeli girl soldier was shot and badly injured by a Palestinian marksman. Security forces re sweeping the town for the shooter. 
Two Israelis indicted for Duma arson attack and 3 murders
After a long and controversial investigation, Amiram Ben-Oliel, 21 and a minor were indicted at the Central District Court Sunday for the arson attack last July that caused the deaths of a Palestinian couple and their infant at the village of Duma southeast of Nablus. Ben-Oliel was charged with three counts of murder, two of arson and one count of conspiring to commit a nationalist-motivated crime. The 17-year old minor was only charged with the last crime, but also linked to acts of vandalism. The defendants’ parents and counsel claimed they were subjected to torture to force confessions.

IDF troops deployed in Tel Aviv amid manhunt for fugitive terrorist 
As the Dizengoff gunman stays at large after four days, IDF soldiers were deployed to secure points in Tel Viv considered potential targets for a repeat attack to calm a scared population.
Saudis cut air, commercial ties with Iran
Riyadh cuts commercial ties with Iran, halts air traffic to and from Tehran and bans its citizens from traveling to the country. Saudi allies follow suit in severing diplomatic ties with Iran.
Two Israelis wounded in stabbing attack in Jerusalem 
The knifeman was neutralized.
70 Iraqi soldiers killed in multiple ISIS attacks: sources
Coordinated ISIS attacks on army positions in Anbar and Salah ad-Din left up to 70 Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militiamen dead
Jerusalem homes demolished of Palestinians who murdered Israelis
Covered by a large military and police force, a demolition squad Monday knocked down the homes in the Jerusalem suburb of Jebel Muqaber of two Palestinian terrorists guilty of murdering four Israelis in two separate attacks. One stabbed Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky at a Mekor Baruch bud stop. The other led the shooting and stabbing attack on an Armon Hanatziv bus, murdering Haviv Hariri, Alon Govberg and Richard Lakin.

Hizballah blows up “Mossad” patrol – first of more to come
DEBKAfile Special Report
The Hizballah bombing attack on an Israeli patrol was just the preamble – with more to come, DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report.
Shortly after DEBKAfile’s forecast of a Hizballah revenge strike for the Samir Quntar assassination (see earlier report below), a Hizballah roadside bomb blew up against an IDF patrol at the Shebaa Farms on the Hermon slopes Monday afternoon, Jan. 4. No casualties were caused. DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report that this attack was just the first of a continuous offensive Hizballah is planning that will spread from the Lebanese-Israeli ceasefire lines to the Golan from Syria. 
The Israeli force answered Monday’s attack with tank artillery fire against the southern Lebanese town of Al-Wazzani.
Iranian-Saudi crisis may put a Hizballah attack on Israel on the fast track
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis
Tehran’s fast track for pre-empting a potential anti-Iran alliance between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel may be a Hizballah revenge strike against Israel for the Quntar assassination. 
Not only did the Saudis execute the prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr as a terrorist, but they put him to death together with Sunni terrorists, an unpardonable act which enraged Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to the point of threatening the Saudi royal family with “divine revenge.” Tehran also noted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reference to both Sunni and Shiite terrorist threats besetting Israel, and inferred that a counter-Tehran alliance may be in the making between Saudi Arabia and Israel, and possibly Turkey too.


Israel to build first new Druze town in Galilee
The small, 150,000-strong Israeli Druze community is to have its first new town. It will be built on a Lower Galilee site near Tiberias, with 400 housing units in the first stage. Approved Tuesday by the national planning and building Council, the town will have urban infrastructure, good soil for development, and proximity to places of employment. The Druze have a disproportionately high rate of recruitment to the IDF, serving in combat units and achieving high rank as officers.
ISIS said to develops heat-seeking anti-air missiles at “jihadi university” in Raqqa
Sky TV has uncovered evidence of an ISIS “jihadi university” in Raqqa, Syria, where scientists are hired to come up with new ways to carry out attacks. They have been able to re-commission ageing surface to air heat-seeking missiles with a homemade thermal battery which are capable of destroying an aircraft, which are of great concern to commercial airlines. The ISIS faculty has also developed fully working remote controlled driverless cars for use as mobile bombs.
Thumbing nose at US, Iran unveils depot for nuclear-capable missiles 
In defiance of Washington and UN Security Council resolutions, Iran revealed on Tuesday a second underground facility for storing Emad ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
DEBKAfile: The Emad, which has a 750-kilogram warhead and a range of 1,700 kilometers, is capable of striking any point in Israel. It was successfully tested four months ago. The Obama administration is weighing new sanctions.
1st Lt. Yishai Rozales killed in training accident. Soldier injured
IDF 1st Lt. Yishai Rozales of the Netzach Yehuda Brigade was killed in a training accident at the Tseelim training center in southern Israel by a misfired mortar shell. A soldier in the same unit was seriously injured. The exercise was stopped for an investigation.
IDF distributes neck armor for protection from stabbings 
The IDF on Tuesday started distributing neck armor to 850 soldiers manning checkpoints and serving in Jerusalem to protect their throats and shoulders from stabbings by terrorists. The armor has a soft interior and a stab-resistant exterior. 
Defense minister visits Golan, says IDF remains well prepared 
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon visited IDF troops on the Golan along Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon on Tuesday, the day after Hizballah bombed an IDF patrol in the Shebaa Farms area without causing casualties. He stressed, "The IDF is fully prepared and ready for any eventuality, as it was for yesterday’s attack." 
Palestinian knifeman shot dead
While slashing a 34 year old Israeli man in the face Tuesday at the Gush Etzion intersection, a Palestinian terrorist was shot dead by security forces..

Departing Mossad chief: Iran is main threat
Iran represents the most substantial threat facing Israel since signing a nuclear accord with the six powers, In the view of the new Mossad Director Yossi Cohen. Tehran still calls for Israel’s annihilation, while upgrading its military capabilities and deepening its grip on the region. “The tools Iran uses to achieve its ends are tentacles of terror.” Cohen takes over from Tamir Pardo who ends his five-year term as head of the Mossad. 
Police chief replaces Tel Aviv commander in major reshuffle
Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh announced Thursday the appointment of new commanders for all six of the police's territorial districts, including the transfer Deputy Commissioner Moshe Edry to the Tel Aviv district amid widespread criticism of the police for failing to capture the Dizengoff shooter.
16 Arab villagers arrested over attacks on Israeli motorists
Sixteen Arabs from the village of Khirbat al-Misbah have finally been detained after months of plaguing motor traffic on the important Route 443 that connects Jerusalem to Modi'in and Jerusalem with rocks and firebombs.

“No mission impossible” – Pardo on taking leave of Mossad
At an event honoring his service as Mossad chief, Tamir Pardo’s parting comment was: “There is no mission impossible. There is always a solution. It is no wonder that dozens of our fellow organizations seek us out. Our personnel are among the best, ablest and most audacious in the world. A small fraction of their exploits could feed brigades of sci-fi film writers.”
Did Hizballah dig a secret tunnel to get bomb into Israel?
DEBKAfile Special Report 
Israeli tacticians must urgently discover how Hizballah’s “Quntar Brigades” planted a bomb against an IDF patrol in defiance of hi-tech electronic defenses in case of a repeat attack. How were the Lebanese terrorists able to outsmart a hi-tech “electronically sterile area” abutting an electronic border fence amid constant IDF artillery fire on the border and other countermeasures for keeping intruders at bay?

IDF removes military equipment from site of Hizballah attack
Four days after a bomb planted by Hizballah blew up against an IDF patrol on the Shebaa Farms area of Mt. Hermon without causing casualties, Israeli soldiers cleared the damaged equipment. DEBKAfile: The removal was delayed for a thorough IDF probe to discover how the bomb came to planted on the Israeli side of the border.
Palestinian knife attacks thwarted Thursday
Three Palestinians, who set about soldiers guarding the Gush Etzion intersection with knives were shot dead Thursday evening before they caused injuries. Further south in Hebron, a Palestinian threw away his knife when approached outside the Beit Hadassah building by soldiers. And In Jerusalem, a 16-year old Palestinian youth was found with a knife concealed in his shirt and admitted he had planned to attack Border Guardsmen.
Knifeman tries to force way into Paris police station; shot dead 
A man armed with a knife, wearing a suspected suicide vest which turned out to be fake, yelled "allahu akbar" and tried to force his way into a police station in northern Paris on Thursday afternoon. He was shot and killed by policemen.
Over 70 killed, 100 wounded in ISIS truck bomb in Libya
More than 70 people were killed and over 100 wounded on in an attack by a truck packed with explosives and suicide bombers on a police compound in the western Libyan city of Zliten on Thursday morning. ISIS took responsibility. 
Bus carrying Israeli tourists in Cairo raked with gunfire; no injuries
A gunman opened automatic gunfire on a bus carrying Israeli Arab tourists in front of the Three Pyramids Hotel in Cairo. The shooting stopped when the passengers shouted out in Arabic, indicating that they were Arab Israeli tourists.
Israel Arab gun problem is out of control
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report
It is time to admit that Israeli Arab gangs have piled up an illicit arsenal big enough to challenge the Israeli army, 90% of which was stolen from the IDF’s own depots.
The mountainous quantities of illegal weapons, run-of-the-mill and exotic, in the hands of Israeli Arabs have grown to unmanageable proportions. No Israeli civilian police, or even military force, has the scale of manpower required to mount raids in Israeli Arab population centers for a comprehensive campaign to impound them – not even if backed by tanks and commando units. Nearly every home of the 1.5 m Arab minority keeps a gun, and Israeli Arab crime families are the most notorious for gun play.

Two Iraq-born Palestinians arrested in US on terror-related charges
Both men, brought before a federal jury Thursday, are Palestinians born in Iraq who were granted refugee status in the US. Both are accused of lying to immigration officials to conceal their ties to terrorist organizations. Omar Faraj Saeed Hardan, 24, of Houston, is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS, including training, and procuring citizenship or naturalization unlawfully by false statements. Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, of Sacramento, California, is charged with traveling from Chicago to Turkey In November 2013, then entering Syria. He reported on social media that he was in Syria “fighting with various terror organizations, including Ansar al-Islam.” There is no sign of any connection between the two defendants.
Egyptian ISIS blows up Sinai gas pipeline
The Egyptian branch of ISIS claimed the bomb attack which blew up the Sinai pipeline to Jordan. The bomb was placed under the pipeline near Al-Midan in northern Sinai. There were no casualties.
Odem St 14
Petah Tikva, Israel
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Cohetes de Gaza en Negev occidental
Cinco cohetes disparados desde el viernes por la noche Franja de Gaza en los lugares Negev 
occidental de Sderot, Gevim El Saphir College y Nir Am. Dos explotó en campo abierto; tres en 
el lado de Gaza de la frontera. La fuerza aérea israelí dio las cuatro militar de Hamas apunta al día 

Dos muertos, 8 heridos en Tel Aviv ataque a tiros




DEBKA file Informe Especial

DEBKAfile Informe Especial
Al menos 10 heridos, entre ellos dos muertos y cuatro más en serio la condición de un ataque a tiros
 seria en Dizengoff St, una de las principales arterias de Tel Aviv viernes por la tarde.
Las grandes fuerzas de policía están a la caza del hombre armado que rocía fuego automático a la
 gente en la calle y desapareció, dejando caer mientras corría una mochila que contiene un Corán. 
Los dos hombres asesinados por un pistolero en Dizengoff St en Tel Aviv Viernes han sido 
nombrados como Alon Bekel, de 26 años, de Tel Aviv, y Shimon Ro'imi de Ofakim. 
Un árabe israelí de la ciudad de Wadi Ara de Arara llamados en después de ver CCTV recortar 
la emisión a la identidad como a su hijo como el hombre armado, quien sigue prófugo. 
El clip muestra el tirador, con gafas y vestido de negro, la compra tranquilamente frutos secos en 
una tienda de la salud antes de salir, y calmar el rodaje de su metralleta a los transeúntes. 
DEBKAfile: El modus operandi del hombre armado que asesinó a 2 israelíes Viernes no es típico de
 los terroristas palestinos , más como los métodos utilizados en los últimos masacres ISIS en París.
 Ninguna organización reclamó el ataque, pero hay dos punteros en consideración: El líder ISIS 
publicó un mensaje de Twitter el día anterior diciendo: Mañana habrá un ataque contra Dizengoff 
Stl "y al día siguiente, de Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, advirtió que la venganza contra Israel por el
 asesinato de su súper terrorista Samir Quntar venía.

Registrese Hoy 
26 de febrero 2014
Dizengoff shooter llamado por la policía
En medio de una búsqueda masiva, la policía de Tel Aviv han nombrado el hombre armado 
responsable de los disparos Dizengoff Viernes como Nashat Melhem, de 29 años, de la aldea árabe 
israelí de Ar'ara. También identificaron el taxista encontrado asesinado en el norte de Tel Aviv una 
hora después del tiroteo como Amin Shaaban, un árabe israelí, de 42 años de edad Un secreto de
 sumario judicial fue emitida para ambos delitos, lo que sugiere un enlace. El público fue de ayuda 
en la búsqueda del asesino que falta. La policía allanó su casa, confiscaron su ordenador y
documentos y detuvieron a su hermano.

Medio Oriente chiítas enfurecidos por la ejecución de Arabia Sheikh Nimr
  Teherán ha advertido de que la ejecución de la prominente clérigo chiíta Arabia Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr le "costará Arabia Saudita caro." Él fue condenado a muerte con otros 47 el día de Año Nuevo, acusado de participar en una serie de ataques de Al Qaeda desde 2003 -2006, así como manifestantes chiítas.

Integral asesor del gobierno del Reino Unido para los viajes en Israel
  Ciudadanos británicos deben estar atentos y obedecer a las fuerzas de seguridad, especialmente cuando se utiliza el transporte público, el nuevo asesor del gobierno británico advierte Sábado. La vigilancia también se recomienda durante la conducción a lo largo de la ruta 443 (entre Tel Aviv y Jerusalén), y de la ruta 60 al norte de Jerusalén, para evitar las piedras y cócteles molotov.

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